Luncheon Club

We conducted a survey to find out from service users whether a recreational get-together activity would be of any therapeutic value to their health and social standing.

There was a resounding response to the benefits that may accrue and understandably, all elderly and the disabled service users needed a place to meet, as most of them are housebound and have no meaningful contact with the outside world.

In light of this positive research, Capital Homecare Ltd. would work in partnership with local authorities in establishing a luncheon club where the elderly, the young, and the disable can meet and socialise.

We have currently a Somali Luncheon Club that caters exclusively for members residing in Greenwich Borough.

Aims & Objectives of The Luncheon Club

The Luncheon Club aims to:

  • To foster community relations amongst participating communities
  • To provide a platform for socialising and befriending
  • To create a forum for cultural identity, awareness and to inculcate sense of belonging
  • To provide a platform for individual participation in finding resolutions to common problems that affects the community
  • To make available funding provision for members of the community to socialise

Luncheon Club Services

The luncheon club provide the following services:

  • Provision for preparing and serving cultural foods.
  • Skill development programmes in cooking, cultural identity and ceremonies.
  • Socialising and exchange of opinions and views.
  • To debate deviation by the present generation from historical antiquities in relation to ethics and morality of the past generation.
  • Entertainment in cultural activities, ceremonies and events.
  • Provide assistance on matters relating to welfare support, form filling and community care services awareness
  • Provision for physical fitness
  • Organising workshops
  • Participate in cultural and religious events