Practical Care / Domestic Services

The following services are provided under practical or domestic care:

  • Assisting with Cleaning and Housework to include:
  • Vacuuming, dusting, polishing, general tidying, mopping, and cleaning
  • Disposing of household refuse
  • Making bed
  • Cleaning silverware, cutlery, glass, mirrors etc
  • Cleaning after (none intentional) body fluid spillage or problems of incontinence
  • Cleaning floors, bathrooms, kitchen, windows and toilets
  • Washing up utensils
  • Responding to household emergencies including liaison with the authorities and local contractors
  • Collecting pensions, prescriptions, medicines and benefits etc
  • Paying utility bills, forms filling and general correspondences.
  • Assist with shopping activities -
    1. checking levels of foodstuffs and other everyday items in the service user's home,
    2. helping the service user to prepare shopping lists and budget accordingly,
    3. shopping on behalf of the service user or accompanying them if mobility allows,
    4. with Social Services approval assisting client if they wish to purchase from a catalogue
  • Laundering garments, bedding, linen, personal clothing and drying etc
  • Mending - taking materials to tailoring shops for mending
  • Ironing