Meeting Our Objectives

Our Objectives will be met by:

  • Adhering to delivering our policies in practice and making changes as required.
  • Providing written and verbal information to clients outlining our core values.
  • Ensuring all care workers satisfactorily completes the 3 days induction training programme and in addition with relevant qualifications checks and are CRB, POVA cleared.
  • By providing specialist trained staff to undertake specialist work where required.
  • Maintaining effective working relationships and partnership with service users, stakeholders and Social Services Department.
  • Undertake continuous monitoring of our services and regularly evaluating, and updating our policies and reviewing our work practices.
  • By offering a range of services to include: personal and practical care service provision and verifying they are delivered under the auspices of the equal opportunities policy and diversity framework.
  • Publish annual survey results and findings and document made available to stakeholders.

Aims & Objectives in Summary:

  • To provide a reliable and unbiased quality based Personal and Practical Care Services to the Elderly, the Disabled and the chronically sick, Children and Families living in their own homes.
  • To recruit, maintain and equip a caring and professional workforce to deliver thisservice and to provide them with the appropriate support and training that is needed to meet the needs of the service user.